Our Standards

Dear Brokers  and Partners,

In this section you will find all necessary information to qualify your client for a Capital Express loan. Every aspect of our underwriting process is underlined. If you already have a Filogix application in pdf, you can upload it here or fill out a full application here.


Property Type

Owner occupied Single family





Geographic location

Greater Montreal Area (North and South Shore) (consultez la liste complète ici)

Greater Quebec City Area (North and South Shore) (consultez la liste complète ici)

Financial Information

Loan amount between 40,000$ and 900,000$

Term 3 to 24 months

Capitalized at maturity or  ou flexible amortization

Interest rate from 7.99% (1st mortgage) up to 14% (2nd mortgage)

LTV: Up to 75% of the collateral’s market value

The Loan

File fees: minimum 3000$ or 3 % of the loan amount (1% to the broker)

Appraisal usually required: ordered by Capital Express at the expense of the client

Payment terms: Interest only

Required documents

Municipal and School taxes  (lot number)

Most recent notice of assessment

Borrower’s report

Statement of account of the current mortgage loan

Credit bureau (for informational purposes)

Target Borrower

Temporarily unable to qualify for conventional loan


Emergency Borrower



SMB Owner



Real estate developer