Capital Express

Capital Express is a key player in the field of private mortgage lender and the alternative mortgage loans in Quebec.

Years of experience

Our management team, backed by over 30 years of experience in the financing, management and development of real estate ventures, possesses in-depth knowledge of the Quebec market.

Located in Montreal, our offices enable us to meet the needs of our clientele throughout the Greater Montreal area.

Capital Express offers you flexible mortgage solutions which meet your needs and take into account constraints that you may be faced.

Our goal is to offer individuals, who have a vision and plans in mind, the opportunity to pursue their dreams when traditional avenues are not available.

Our simple, direct and speedy approach assures you efficient service, which you can count on with complete confidence.

Our team

Claude Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and backed by a vast amount of experience in Business Development,Claude Cohen has always been committed to the growth and success of his clients.

All of his initiatives have sought to fulfill the needs of individuals for whom and businesses for which traditional avenues are not sufficient.

His wealth of experience in project management has enabled him to offer cutting-edge consulting services to leading businesses.


Melissa Martelli

Chief Underwritter

Dynamic lawyer with over 20 years experience in civil, family and construction and 13 years as a corporate lawyer for a real estate developper with a business district off the transcanada highway. Her extensive experience in real-estate law, and contracts brings her to this new venture in mortgages and private lending. 

Whatever the case and whether it’d be a contractual or legal issue, her experience will surely come in play and help in all aspects of the lending process.


Our Partners

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